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What do I need to do?

Contact Hanobin! We will guide you through the process and the first consultation (within London) is free.

We specialise in helping those new to online, get online.

How does it all work?

What is your computer literacy level:-


Which functions do you think you'd like?

We have found the main problem to be that people often don't know what they want!

Have a look at the lists below for ideas for features and functions that you can use on your Website or App.

If you have an idea for a function that isn't listed, contact us and we can quickly let you know if it's possible.

You probably know what you are looking for!

Please get in touch if you have any wireframes, imagery, or artwork.


Hanobin projects incorporate a variety of technical features. If you want to create a website with something you see below, please get in touch.



Design and Build a fully autonomous system for cafe owners to easily and cheaply create their own shop App.


  • Front end HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery
  • Back end PHP , Laravel, REST API, Server API
  • Hybrid App Javascript, Cordova, Angular, Ionic, Push Notifications


Build a Single Page Website true to the client's design.


  • Front end HTML5, Responsive, CSS3, Javascript, AJAX form


  • Exactly match the design, provided in an Illustrator file (.ai): colours / gradients, typography, distances, etc.
  • Re-build the site using Word Press and a fully custom theme
  • Design and build the corresponding mobile and tablet sites.
  • Contact email addresses are submitted using AJAX (i.e. so that the page doesn't reload) and emailed to a specified email address.
  • Various fallback options are provided for (e.g. no Javascript, poor connection errors, etc).

UK Law Student Association


Re-design and build the existing site to match the design of another site


  • Front end Wordpress, Theme Customisation

The Accessible Genetics Consortium


Re-design and build the existing site 'to be more invigorating' and add a Russian translated version


  • Front end Wordpress, Multisite, Theme Selection and CSS / PHP Customisation

Live Band Lindy


Design and Build a Charity website based on existing business card branding


  • Front end Wordpress, Theme Selection and CSS / PHP Customisation

Hanobin Apps

Brixton Web and App development

Hanobin Apps

Brixton Web and App development


What is it?

A skeleton app designed for small businesses and cafes to easily and quickly build their own App.

A fleshed out Skeletapp allows customers to order and pay for made-to-order items in advance for pick-up.

No queueing, no delay, more customers.

What technology has been used?


Front end [Javascript, HTML5, CSS3]

Create an account and configure your App using AJAX forms. Focus on ease of use for a complex function: tooltips, hints, examples, clearly defined steps, etc.

Back end [PHP, Laravel, MySQL]

User authentication and databases for holding client data. Various service APIs for creating Apps and submitting information to the App stores.


Hybrid [Cordova, Angular, Ionic]

Two 'Skeleton' Apps with barebones functionality that can be customised - easily change e.g. the background images, any text content - at App creation. Simple to use interfaces in the production Apps let the shop owner quickly change their menu and keep their customer's updated on realtime product availability

API [Laravel API, Server API, Push Notifications]

Both Apps keep up to date using a centralised Skeletapp database. Push Notifications notify the Apps of new orders, changes in the menu, special offers, etc.